My name is Marlies White and I am the Founder of SomaLife and I want to welcome you to the SomaLife Family.

In 1998 an immediate family member was taken from us too early in life.  That moment changed our lives forever.  I asked my husband, Dr. White, if he could develop a product that could help promote the longevity and quality of life, and he felt he could do just that. 

He was a Harvard and Cambridge educated medical doctor and had spent decades researching the effects of what hormones, vitamins and antioxidants could play in the body, when it came to aging and  and over-all wellbeing.  Within a short time he had created what are now our proprietary flagship products and we were on our way.

Shortly thereafter, my husband and I founded SomaLife to help people around the world; people  who were interested in the power of what exceptional health and wellness could do for their lives and quality of life. Hence, our company name, SomaLife, means Body of Life.

Since the beginning, dedicated MD's, Biochemists and Research Scientists have joined us in developing the very best, most up to date and one-of-a-kind 100% all natural supplements aimed directly at adding years to our lives and life to our years in conjunction with a health and fitness program.

Today, SomaLife has expanded to several countries throughout the world and has been embraced by athletes, celebrities, medical professionals, and most importantly, people just like you, from all walks of life.

Our products customize naturally with your internal body's growth and healing systems, almost immediately, to find what your body needs.

People who use our products can experience and describe direct results, usually within the first 24-72 hours, such as increased energy levels and improved moods, better quality of life, enhanced physical performance and stamina, superior sleep, accelerated recovery time and heightened natural sense of health and wellbeing.

I live everyday believing that in some small way, my husband, who was a healer and practicing family physician, and I, could make a difference helping others. SomaLife was founded on the basic principal that one person could positively impact the life of another.

To Your Health wherever you are!

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